Diesel deals


The price of crude oil started dropping like a rock well over a month ago and the local (Lisbon) price of gasoline followed suit.

However, the price of diesel fuel didn’t budge for a long time. It remained at $3.29 per gallon. The price of gasoline is now well below $2 per gallon and the price of diesel has finally dropped to $2.99. Too little, too late.

Just 26 miles away in Carrollton, the price per gallon of diesel has been dropping two to three cents a day for a month. I filled my truck up with diesel in Carrollton today and the price was $2.39 per gallon.

Either the local stations need to find new suppliers, or they are price gouging us.

I overheard one customer complaining to a station manager about their high price for diesel. His response was, “We don’t move enough of the product to enable us to get a better price from our supplier.”.

Well, Hello! Maybe you don’t move enough of the product because your prices are so outrageously high. In the first place, there is no valid reason why diesel fuel should be over a dollar a gallon higher than gasoline.

I like to support the local merchants and see them make an honest buck. Honest being the key word here.

I am also a firm believer in free enterprise and feel owners should be able to charge whatever they want. However, common business sense dictates that if you want to attract and keep customers, you need to be competitive.

If the difference was only a nickel or dime per gallon I would continue to buy locally but, for a difference of 60 cents a gallon I will be getting my diesel in Carrollton since I am there three or four times a week.

Richard McDonald