Called out


The Nov. 24 issue of The Morning Journal contained the headline, “Worker reprimanded over sign incident.” I remember being surprised and then upset that it was the county employee who was the one being reprimanded.

Perhaps a quick recap would be helpful. A county employee, using a county vehicle, was photographed picking up campaign signs for county Commissioner Mike Halleck.

But what I’m wondering is — why wasn’t Mr. Halleck the one who was reprimanded?? It is illegal to have county employees do your campaign work for you — even “off the clock.” And, yes, retrieving campaign signs is still part of a campaign (see Ohio Revised Code 124.57).

I feel for the employee being put in such a position. What was he supposed to say to his “boss”“No”?

It seems obvious to me Mr. Halleck is the one who should really have been called out and reprimanded in this incident — not the county employee.

And, if that reprimand is on that employee’s record, it should be expunged.

Joyce Campian

East Rochester