A success in the razing


In recent articles the county land bank has been featured with its continuing success and I would simply like to expand on the value of this program. The “mow-to-own” program is a tremendous asset that allows neighbors and entire neighborhoods to beautify their area in concert with increasing their own property values and dramatically reducing blight within their communities.

A critical component of this successful program is it offers hope for those neighbors, not a sense of defeat.

The hard work put forth by land bank director Robert Ritchey is gratifying as is the assistance from our county’s director of economic development, Tad Herold, in tandem with the full support of our county commissioners, Mike Halleck, Jim Hoppel and Tim Weigle.

These people know and understand that private investment capital goes where it’s welcomed and stays where it is appreciated and the land bank is taking the correct course of action to assure our neighborhoods have a sense of pride to show outsiders why they should come to Columbiana County.

I am not one to validate mediocrity so when public servants go “over and above” to implement, support and sustain programs where our residents can actually witness positive results, they deserve to be recognized and applauded.

Paul Anthony