Real red flags


Gov. Kasich in April proposed gun legislation so “Ohio law be changed to automatically incorporate any future changes to federal gun regulations into state law” writes Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press.

Kasich ignores states’ rights, a staple of the American Constitution, and seeks for Ohio to ape the federal government’s laws — as if the federal government is some kind of golden standard. Without knowing the future of federal leadership, locking Ohio’s plight to an unknown is incredibly foolish.

Kasich’s policy writers also introduce an alarming “red flag law” which allows anyone on a witch-hunt to appeal to rip gun ownership rights from other citizens. The possibility for abuse is real.

Ohio residents who care about constitutional rights are dismayed at Gov. Kasich’s mushy position on Second Amendment policy. In the ’90s, Kasich sided with a reduction of the background check wait periods, yet voted for a ban on assault weapons, ultimately blaming family values as the source of gun violence (ontheissues.org). These facts evidence his wishy-washy stance regarding 2nd Amendment law.

But this letter is not about closet-Democrat Kasich and his feelings. This letter is about Ohio constituents. Ohioans do not need Kasich and his socialist cronies — Nina Turner from the Bernie Sanders campaign–dreaming up new Ohio gun prohibitions. If readers recall, Sanders’ campaign laughably proposed making small gun shop owners legally liable for murders by firearm. What an expensive bureaucratic mess that would make.

In response to counterarguments, Kasich said, “No one is interested in some slippery-slope [also known as tracing long-term effects of a policy] and trying to grab everybody’s guns” (Cleveland.com). Yet, grabbing guns from legal owners is exactly what his “red flag law” is all about.

We –the voting public–are interested in the implications of incremental policy and what he dismisses as “slippery slope” reasoning. Incremental chipping away at Bill of Rights freedoms is proven by history. First we lose the right to buy freely, then the right to own freely. The next step is arbitrary stripping of guns from people. It is not a far walk down “the slope” to the absolute erasure of 2nd Amendment Rights. Incremental violation historically happened to nearly all the 10 Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights already. Setting this precedent puts all other rights in peril, also.

Constituents expect elected Congressional leaders to trace the implications of their policy decisions on law-abiding citizens and not fall back on poorly thought-out, reactive, band-aid solutions to problems posed by deviant criminals.

Stay back from that slope, Congress, and table the issue until Kasich leaves the Statehouse.

Melody Gustafson