Family unfriendly


I am blessed to be a lifelong resident of Columbiana. Although I have never lived anywhere else I have traveled to many places here and some overseas and I am truly blessed. That said I am troubled by the increase of liquor in our community. Columbiana used to be a dry community. I remember 3.2 beer back in the day.

When the American Legion wanted a liquor license someone from the Legion came to our house asking me to sign a petition to get it on the ballot. I declined and was told this is just to get it on the ballot, but I still said no, I don’t want to see them get liquor.

It got on the ballot anyhow, but when it was time to vote I didn’t get to vote, I did not live in the right precinct. The same thing happened when Shellabellas got their license, again not the right precinct.

Most residents of Columbiana did not have a say in liquor being sold here. I still pay taxes but can’t vote on liquor licenses.

Now there is a lot of talk about a DORA, a designated outdoor refreshment area. How can this be a good thing for our community? It doesn’t seem family friendly or a good reflection on Columbiana to me.

I believe God has blessed Columbiana, and made it the town it is today. I fear we will lose His blessing if we continue on the path we are following.

Furthermore, if our mayor and town council want to support DORA then don’t expect my support at election time.

Scott Stephens