Put-In-Bay deserved better

In 2014, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, now the governor-elect, took over an investigation of the Put-In-Bay Police Department, but he accomplished little. Nobody went to prison; nothing of significance changed. Now the village government, as a whole, has been under investigation by DeWine for almost two years now, with no resolution. Village Mayor Bernard “Mac” McCann was indicted on a felony charge for having an unlawful interest in a village contract. It’s a legitimate concern that there might be a connection between a possibly corrupt police department, and the alleged corruption of others in the government that still is not fully known. …

It’s difficult to comprehend how much damage police caused — just from the instances that are known. …

Karl Goss suffered brain injuries during a Labor Day brawl in 2016. He was permanently disabled and was on a ventilator until his death earlier this month. “What happened to the family is unthinkable. You would not wish this upon your worst enemy,” said Cleveland attorney Jordan Lebovitz, who represents Goss’ family in what is now a wrongful death lawsuit.

We hope the truth comes out when the Goss’ lawsuit goes to trial next year, and we hope Mike DeWine does a better job addressing corruption in the future than he’s done in the past.

— The Sandusky Register