EP man finds woman’s ashes on side of road

EAST PALESTINE — An East Palestine man found a clear bag containing a woman’s ashes while using a string trimmer by the road near the property on Bacon Avenue, Unity Township. The man’s wife called the county sheriff’s office at 1:53 p.m. Friday to report her husband, Daniel Gilson, found the clear bag containing the ashes of Maxine Nolan. The bag was tagged with her name, date of birth, date of death and Social Security number. Deputies photographed the area where the bag was found and then retrieved them, placing them in the safe at the sheriff’s office. By looking up the obituary for Nolan, deputies determined she had been in the care of Share, Sterling and Skivolcke Funeral Home in Alliance after her death. The director, Bill Gross was contacted and gave deputies the number for her son, Jeffrey Nolan. He was contacted and said he would retrieve the ashes from the sheriff’s office next week.


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