Teachers to travel with Classrooms Without Borders

Morning Journal/Deanne Johnson Crestview teachers Grady Long (left) and Barry Kimpel (right) recently were involved in Crestview’s graduation and are traveling together this summer for a Holocaust project through the Classrooms Without Borders program.

NEW WATERFORD — Traveling with a Holocaust survivor, two Crestview teachers are hoping to learn and share with their students some first hand accounts of what atrocities hate can cause.

Barry Kimpel, English teacher, and Grady Long, a history teacher, will be traveling through a Classrooms Without Borders program, which is being funding by the Youngstown Jewish Federation.

The program will travel this summer to Warsaw and Krakow, seeing four different concentration camps and going with a Holocaust survivor back to see his hometown and other sites that affected his life during the World War II.

The men said they have been meeting monthly by Zoom with other educators who will be on the trip. They are the only two teachers going from Columbiana County. The group is mainly from the Pittsburgh area and Mahoning County and will include students, professors and teachers.

Upon their return, Long and Kimpel said they plan to develop a special curriculm that will include lessons for students studying both AP Language Arts and AP History.

“Crestview provides us with the opportunities,” Kimpel said. “They trust us alot to study various platforms and to develop curriculum.”

The teachers are hoping to share with students how genecide happens and how it has affected people throughout history, not just during the Holocaust. The men note student need to know how to identify the warning signs of the hate that can lead to it, including recent events in the Ukraine.

Additionally, Long points out the Holocaust is a “uniquely human moment, regardless of Jewish heritage.”

“Genecide has happened many times,” Long said. “There are patterns there… Authoritarianism and facism is not on the decline.”


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