BirdFish hosts disc golf course celebration

Morning Journal/ Danielle Garner Park Board President Ron Detwiler, Park Board member Nancy Tirpak along with Joe Montgomery, Lamppost Farm board member, Dan McRoberts of RAT Creative and Birdfish Co-founder Josh Dunn stand at the disc golf practice hole Thursday at Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park.

COLUMBIANA–BirdFish Brewery is holding a celebration beginning at 12:30 p.m. today in establishing the official Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park Disc Golf Course.

RAT Creative and Lamppost Farm have worked closely with BirdFish for nearly two and a half years to complete the 9-hole course including a practice hole close to the city pool at Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park.

President of Columbiana Park Board Ron Detwiler is grateful for the persistence and dedication shown by Birdfish, RAT Creative and Lamppost Farm.

“It’s outstanding for us, for a community business to jump in and support the park in so many ways,” Detwiler said.

Park IPA grand opening invitational discs will be available for $17 and can be paired with a Birdfish Towel and the signature Park IPA beer for $23.

A map designed by Dan and Renee McRoberts of RAT Creative will be available beginning at 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Dan McRoberts encourages residents and surrounding communities to enjoy the disc golf course.

“It’s a free activity. It’s free, outdoors and promotes exercise,” he said.

Park Board Member Nancy Tirpak said the businesses showcase the qualities Columbiana is best known for.

“We are very welcoming; We are a fun place to be,” Tirpak said.

Josh Dunn, co-founder of Birdfish explained disc golf is not complicated.

“Your goal is to get it in the basket with the least amount of strokes as possible, just like regular golf,” Dunn said.

Disc golf players have three shots to get the disc into the basket from a numbered tee pad located near the basket. Once the disc is thrown you continue from the spot the disc lands at.

“It’s a fun thing to do as a family or with friends. It’s something to do outdoors together. It doesn’t cost anything,” Joe Montgomery Lamppost Farm board member said.

Joe represents his brother Steve Montgomery who contributed to the process and thinks it’s great to have a disc golf course located in town.

Detwiler emphasized the commitment Birdfish, RAT Creative and Lamppost Farm reflected in their pursuit to complete the disc golf course. All three businesses collaborated with the park board and the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana.

“That’s the advantage of a small community like Columbiana. We are all in this together,” Detwiler said.

Future purchases of Park IPA will continue to fund the efforts of the Columbiana Park Board and the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana. Birdfish encourages the community to continue to purchase Park IPA to help with the development of the Firestone Dog Park.


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