Officials investigate social media post

NEW WATERFORD — A student’s post to social media prompted an investigation by administrators from the Crestview Schools and the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

Superintendent Matthew Manley confirmed a student had posted to a SnapChat message a photo of a gun in a backpack. A parent had alerted Assistant High School and Middle School Principal Dan Hill about the post on Monday evening, prompting Hill and Middle School Principal Allison Lemaster to visit the student’s home and family early Tuesday before school.

With the help of the school resource officer and the county sheriff’s office, all the students, who were viewers of the private SnapChat post, were interviewed.

On Tuesday evening, Manley said they had concluded there was no words posted, no threats, just a picture that had people concerned. As word of the situation began to spread through the community, Manley posted a message on the school’s website notifying parents that there is no immediate threat at school.

“There were no threats made toward the school or students and faculty,” Manley wrote. “However, Crestview will investigate any incident or concern.”

Manley also thanked the sheriff’s office and the families involved for their help and cooperation as the school checked into the incident.


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