Lisbon mayor enjoys time spent in county parks


LISBON — Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson has enjoyed the outdoors from a young age when his father took him hiking.

Wilson’s passion for nature and outdoors makes him the perfect person to lead hikes and help park guests learn more about nature within the Columbiana County Park District. “I really love being outdoors, and I thought I can lead hikes…” said Wilson, who is also a member of the county park board.

Wilson believes it is important that kids learn about the parks and get interested in the environment.

“If they are enthusiastic now, they will be throughout their lives,” said Wilson.

Wilson said he enjoys the month of June because that is when a lit sheet is left out during the night and children can explore the big moths.

“It’s like you ever know what is going to strike a kid’s fantasy, or what is going to make enthusiastic,” said Wilson

Wilson said that Greenway Trail is a real gift to the Lisbon area

Wilson said according to Leetonia officials the trail has over 200,000 users a year. Wilson wants to use the trail to attract more tourism to Lisbon.

Wilson said that it is a great time to use the Columbiana County Park District because mushrooms and wild flowers are coming up. Morel mushrooms can also be found this time of year.

Wilson wants to give a lot of credit to the Columbiana County Park District for maintaining the parks on a limited budget.

“They do really well maintain the Greenway Trail, the Scenic Vista Park and the Hellbender Bluff Park. They do extremely great work with very limited funding,” said Wilson.


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