Columbiana OKs $2.2M in storm water work

COLUMBIANA — Council Saturday morning approved a contract for storm water work on West Salem Street.

At an emergency meeting, council approved the contract with Marucci and Gaffney Excavating Company for the $2.2 million project that will remove rainwater from collecting around Salem Street.

City Manager Lance Willard said the project will be a “full make over,” explaining West Salem Street will have “quite a construction season.”

The Schick residence from the 60 block of West Salem Street addressed council to raise concerns regarding sewage back up in their basement. Willard said the city will come and check the problem.

Willard did note the problem with sewage may need to be resolved with a plumber, advising that sanitary sewer is a closed system. Increased rain should not impact sewage lines directly and it may be a private line issue.

Resident Emily Waite also addressed council about additional tie-in lines added to the Salem Street storm water project. Willard advised the project will have lateral lines allowing the Waite residence to tie in their sump pump.

Willard said the special meeting helps the city stay on schedule. “It will help us meet all the deadlines and construction schedule to get this thing done by the end of the year. And every day counts, so I appreciate it,” he said, referring to council attendance.



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