Real Estate

Center Township

Amber Westfall to Maranda Halligan, home on Perry Street; $33,000


Charles Beiling, trustee, to Emma and Evan Schneider, 0.25 acres on Eldon Court; $29,000

Matthew and Britanee Pickens to Jackson and Ashley Dunlope, home on North Elm Street; $154,000

East Liverpool

Larry and Betty Davis to Joseph Adams, home on Holliday Street; $16,000

Roger Ingram Jr. to Robert Petty, home on Fairview Street; $4,000

Patrick and Catherine Reagan to Vincent and Betty Watson, home on McKinnon Avenue; $104,500

Betty Kapp to Michael Pomeroy, home on St. Clair Avenue; $152,000

Thomas and Barbara Fuller to Natasha Rodriguez, home on Morton Street; $10,000

Craig and Rebecca Brown to Jeanna Smith, vacant property on Harker Avenue; $700

Martha and Nancy Phillips to Martha Phillips, home on St. Clair Avenue; $9,500

Anita Lawson to Crystal Lawson, home on Elmwood Street; $23,000

Tammy Slegman to Amy Harrington, home on Park Avenue; $33,000

East Palestine

Robert and Shannon Liposky to Dennis and Madeline Claypool, home on Alice Street; $103,500

Brittany Frank to Alan Cope, et al, home on Main Street; $120,000

Paul and Ellen Hartman to Jessica Hart, home and 2 acres on Leake Street; $25,000

Lance and Marlis Freeze, trustees, to Nelson Freeze, home on Taggart Street; $107,100

Fairfield Township

Burlingame, trustee, to Robert and Dawn Fletcher, 10 acres on Miller Road; $14,100

Hanover Township

Vaughn and Crystal Slabaugh to Hanover Farms Limited Partnership, 3.2 acres on Tunnel Hill Road; $18,000

Richard Boyd Jr. to D & L LLC, 30 acres on Westward Way and South Lake Drive; $152,000

Susan Drotleff, et al, to Larry and Christine Firth, home and 2 acres on Campbell Road; $150,000

Wesley McLaughlin, et al, to Matthew and Britanee Pickens, home and 2.4 acres on Westward Way; $270,000

Knox Township

Dennis and Annette Postiy to Tyler and Terra Postiy, home and 2 acres on Margaret Lane; $77,500


James and Candace Steele to Zachary Mitchell and Haley Brennen, home on Stoy Street; $149,000

Amanda Coy to Erin McGuire, home on Chestnut Street; $30,000

Paul Sevenich, trustee, to Ian and Emily Sevenich, home on Chestnut Street; $138,000


Caroline Crawford, trustee, to Pondi’s Inc., 0.1 acres on state Route 45; $8,700

Caroline Crawford, trustee, to Elkrun Roll-Off Services, 2.3 acres on East Washington Street; $14,200

Melanie Gresh and Alan McCord to Melanie and Kurt Gresh, home on East Chestnut Street; $50,850

Madison Township

Richard and Dana Wright to Charles Peters Jr. and Nancy Good, home and 4.1 acres on Yeager Drive; $290,000

Middleton Township

County Commissioners to Terri McClain, former Rogers Group home and 22 acres on state Route 7; $221,000

JMTW LLC to Jeff and Lura Feezle, 64 acres at on state Route 154/Pioneer Road; $250,000

Harry Anderson to Lucas and Erika Howell, home and 1.1 acre Carmel Achor Road; $228,500

New Waterford

Glenn Davis to Daniel and Melody Duchanois, home on Pinewood Drive; $142,000

Laura Muska to James and Rachael Knatz, home and 7.5 acres on Front Street; $257,900

Perry Township

Cassandra and Gary Eichler Jr. to David Moore, et al, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $193,500


Samuel and Kimberly Mong to Mong Real Estate Investments, commercial property (Quality Water Systems) and 2.4 acres on Salem Parkway; $620,000

Gary Eichler Jr. to Richard Thomas, home on Ridgewood Drive; $130,500

Charlotte Capel to Gary Colian Jr., home on East Ninth Street; $38,000

Stratton Brothers Real Estate to 180 Flipper LLC, home at 1268 Westview Drive; $32,000

Charlotte Capel to Gary Colian Jr., home on Aetna Street; $34,400

Brandon Trybend to Keith and Laura Ripley, home on West Eighth Street; $98,000

Tim and Denise Dickey to Neil Clark, home on Southeast Boulevard; $130,000

Robert Reichle to Finley Croyle II, et al, home on Aetna Street; $7,000

Salem Township

Terry and Mary Lou Kirsch to Luke Barker, home and 1 acre on Winona Road; $158,000

St. Clair Township

Arlene and Walter Clark Jr. to Zachariah Pease, 3 acres on Sharon Drive; $50,000

Jared and Erin Archer to Susan McClain, condominium on Eagle Drive; $250,000

Wesley and Marjorie McCune to Charles Bartley Jr., home on Tague Street; $20,000


Coulter Communications to Angeloa DiSena Jr., et al, retail storefront at 449 Main St.; $9,000

West Township

Daniel Bartley to Clarence and Patricia Stephens, home and 2 acres on Rochester Road; $225,000

Robert Nakhshekarian, et al, to Evan and Michael Blackburn, 7.8 acres on Stump Road; $69,000

Wilbur Cogan to Jonathan and Allison Landis, duplex on Walker Road; $285,000

Hoopes Properties to William and Diana Richeson, 8.6 acres on Stump Road; $23,823

Yellow Creek Township

Bruce McIntosh, et al, to Thomas Hackney, home on Sherwood Drive; $8,000

Randall Carroll to Megan Foster, home and 2 acres on state Route 39; $93,900


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