Election workers get pay bumps

LISBON — Pay raises were granted to county election board employees to bring them in line with what officials say other county employees with comparable responsibility are earning.

The board voted at this week’s meeting to bring their two lowest paid employees up to $16 an hour from $13.80 and $14.34, respectively, and the two more senior workers from $17.63 and $15.75 per hour to $18.

Board president David Johnson said the raises are warranted because each year they are assuming greater responsibility because of the ever changing election laws and the fact they are cross-trained to back each other up.

“They’re doing the same job,” he said.

The board had instructed the director and deputy director to take a survey of what other county employees with similar responsibility were earning and found the average hourly wage was $18.06 per hour. The survey was of 58 employees in the auditor, commissioner, treasurer, prosecutor, courts, adult probation, clerk of courts, coroner, recorder and veterans services departments. The seniority of these employees ranges from one year of service to 39 years.

Johnson said it is only fair their staff earn commensurate to what other county workers are being paid.

“I think this is a measured approach to bring their wages up,” he said.

The board then granted director Kim Fusco and deputy director Bryce Miner 1.6 percent pay raises, which comes out to 46 cents per hour. Fusco last had a pay raise in 2014, while Miner was hired earlier this year.

The board has a policy of paying them the same, and both make $28.36 per hour. Johnson that is about in the middle range of what other counties pay their director and/or deputy director.

The combined annual cost of the pay raises is $13,478.

In other action, Fusco reported Jan. 6 is the deadline for anyone wanting to run as a write-in candidate in the March 17 primary election and March 16 is the deadline for persons wanting to run as an independent candidate.

Voter registration for the primary election ends Feb. 18, with early voting beginning the next day.



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