Wellsville school board member gets OSBA post

WELLSVILLE – A member of Wellsville’s Board of Education will be adding regional president to his list of duties in his career in education.

Current Wellsville Board of Education vice-president Tom Brophey has been appointed by the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) to serve as the northeast representative for the association’s executive committee for 2016, and has also been selected as the President of the Northeast Region for the OSBA for this year as well. The Northeast Region encompasses 22 counties throughout Ohio, and covers school districts in Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, Ashtabula and as far south as Belmont County.

With this appointment, Brophey becomes the first school board member from the Columbiana and Jefferson County area to be appointed as president in 25 years. It also marks the first time that a member of the Wellsville school board has ever held this position.

“No one from Wellsville has served on the Northeast Region executive committee, which I serve on, and no one from Wellsville has ever been president of the region, so it is a big honor not only for me-and I’m not looking at this as an honor for me-I’m looking at it as an honor for the school district.”

As a member of the executive committee, Brophey’s duties-along with other members-include considering and adopting interim legislation positions, determining representation to the board in compliance to the OSBA’s constitution, appoint delegates and alternates to the National School Boards Association (NSBA) delegate assembly, conduct evaluations of the executive director, establish salary for the executive director in terms of the contract, and conducting business as necessary between board meetings.

Brophey will be on hand at the upcoming orientation meeting, scheduled for Feb. 26 at the OSBA offices in Columbus. An orientation session for new board of trustees members will take place from 2-6 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 p.m., and the executive committee meeting immediately afterwards. Other meetings will take place in July, at its annual conference in November and then in December. His visit to Columbus has been covered by the OSBA, and will be of no cost to the Wellsville schools.

As for the Northeast Region, those holds meetings take place in Wadsworth, and the region also conducts two conferences each year, one in spring and another in the fall. The fall conference takes place at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, while the 2016 spring conference will be held on March 31 at Wellsville schools. Per custom, the spring conference is held annually at the home school district of the regional president.

Brophey, who mentioned that it is a honor to be able to host the spring conference, said they look to talk about the school district and also bestow honors among staff as well.

“There are awards that we give out to board members and teachers,” Brophey said. “There is a President’s Award that I’ll be giving out, and we’ll be trying to showcase the school a little bit.”

Brophey has been a member of the Wellsville Board of Education for the past 22 years and has previously served as Wellsville’s board president, most recently handling the position last year. He has also held multiple roles with the OSBA, including as a member of the OSBA Board of Trustees, ambassador of education, mentor, student achievement liaison and legislative liaison.


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