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New Cases

Jill Dudik, Canfield, vs. Nathaniel Gorby, a minor by and through his parent and guardian Rosalyn Gorby, Rogers, et al., excess of $25,000 sought for alleged injuries from a traffic crash on Old state Route 154 in Elkrun Township, on July 26, 2019.

Jesse Vingle, Salem, and Tegan Vingle, Columbiana, dissolution sought.

Lindsey Young, Leetonia, and Shawn Young, Sebring, dissolution sought.

Docket Entries

Timothy and Kelly George vs. Ford Motor Co., case settled and dismissed.

County Treasurer vs. Bruce Weaver, et al., property on East Third Street, Salem, sold to Mark J. Slocum for $9,968.

FAM Financial Corp. vs. American Health Care Inc., et al., property on North Market Street, Lisbon, sold to the plaintiff for $60,000; property on Beard Road, New Waterford, sold to Uria and Emma Byler for $72,000; and property on Miller Road, Leetonia, sold to Harold R. Feezle and David Smith for $36,000.

County Treasurer vs. Howard W. Bott, et al., foreclosure ordered for property on Dresden Avenue, East Liverpool.

Marriage Licenses

Brandon Gauge Rawson, 20, Wellsville, coal miner, and Brianna Chelsea Bendler, 25, Wellsville, unemployed.

Alan Dale Williams II, 31, Lisbon, fabrication, and Jessica Carol Ann Davis, 26, Lisbon, robot welder.

Robert John Young Jr., 30, Columbiana, shop manager, and Heather Ann Knight, 29, Columbiana, medical assistant.

Rebecca L. Adams, 54, Wellsville, receiving supervisor, and Heather M. Culler, 50, Wellsville, unemployed.

Jordan Scott Kalina, 24, Salem, mechanic, and Zoie Anne Blevins, 19, Salem, DMV clerk.

Seth Leighton James Dinch, 27, Wellsville, laborer, and Shayna Leigh Hamilton, 23, Wellsville, registered nurse.

Jeffrey Lee William Mellott, 31, Salem, professional mover, and Brittany Hope Tracey Senior, 28, Salem, fast food.

Shawn Patrick Harpold II, 20, Wellsville, bagger, and Calissta Noel Corey, 20, Wellsville, crew mate.

Samuel Norris Hake, 26, Hanoverton, heavy equipment operator, and Haley N. Skolosh, 27, Hanoverton, wellness coordinator.

Jordan F. Spencer, 27, Hanoverton, machinist, and Nanci Jeen Reed, 27, Hanoverton, packer at Peace Valley Orchard.

William Eric Cook 48, Hanoverton, foreman, and Jamie M. Weston, 44, Hanoverton, manager.

Court News

LISBON — Patrick J. Vitko, 39, Weekiwachi, Fla., pleaded guilty in Common Pleas Court to aggravated possession of drugs and requested immediate sentencing. He was placed on three years community control. Vitko had meth on June 23, 2019.

Jennifer M. McCarty, 37, Sherman Street, Lisbon, stipulated to violating the terms of her community control, which will continue until June 2, 2021. McCarty was placed on community control in 2016 for trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance and possession of drugs.

Benjamin J. Keener, 23, Ohio Avenue, East Liverpool, stipulated to violating the terms of his intervention treatment plan and was placed on community control for a fifth-degree felony possession of marijuana charge for more than 200 grams of the drug in his possession on Nov. 17, 2016.

Penny J. Brown, 53, Bergholz, stipulated to violating the terms of her intervention plan. She was placed on community control for illegal processing of a drug document for forging a prescription in September 2017.

Dylan J. Young, 18, Youngstown, pleaded guilty to possessing criminal tools for having a Smith and Wesson 38-caliber handgun on July 31. Young requested immediate sentencing and was placed on two years community control. The charge, a first-degree misdemeanor, was not an indictment and Young pleaded to prosecutor’s information.


LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Steven N. Baddeley Jr., 36, Spillway Road, Lisbon, was bound over to the grand jury on charges of having weapons while under disability, assault and aggravated menacing. On Aug. 20, Baddeley allegedly struck Darreck Ferrell in the forehead with a glass beer bottle at Mark’s Landing and pointed a firearm at Ferrell more than once. Baddeley reportedly is a convicted felon who is not allowed to own or possess a gun. Baddeley was fined $200 for driving under suspension and lighted lights required.

An Dec. 8 pretrial was set for Heather K. Yeager, 33, Day Road, Lisbon, charged with obstructing official business for allegedly telling deputies she was involved in a vehicle crash where the tire blew out and she went into a ditch, when deputies later learned there was no crash and her vehicle had actually been towed when she was stopped by Goshen Township police and had no license.

A Nov. 2 pretrial was set for Matthew P. Graham, 43, Continental Drive, Salem, charged with domestic violence for allegedly striking Darby Mayhew twice in the back of the head, threatening her while refusing to allow her to get out of a vehicle while traveling through Salem on Friday.

Wesley D. Clark, 30, Benton Road, Salem, was credited with 22 days served, sentenced to an additional 28 days in jail and fined $250 for domestic violence for hitting Marie Whitman in the face and pushing her down on Oct. 4. *20crb30

Gwynne A. Thomas, 44, Homeworth Road, Homeworth, was fined $1,025, had her license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for OVI first offense, left of center and distracted driving.

A Dec. 14 pretrial was set for Jerry A. Welce, 54, Blueberry Drive, Columbiana, cited with OVI first offense, OVI refusal with prior within 20 years and speeding.

James A. Huntting, 36, Trentvale Street, East Liverpool, pleaded no contest to OVI second offense, driving under FRA suspension and failure to control. His bond is set at $15,000 cash or surety. A sentencing hearing was set for Nov. 5, as well as a probation violation hearing for an arson conviction from earlier this year and an OVI third offense conviction from 2019.

Jacob Bradley Clark, 22, Chestnut Lane, Hanoverton, was fined $925, had his license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 30 hours community service for failure to control and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

Joseph Thomas Moore, 24, East Sixth Street, Salem, was fined $150 for disorderly conduct amended from domestic violence. A second domestic violence citation was dismissed. The initial charges had alleged Moore had struck his sister, Jennifer M. Guthrie on March 18 and put his mother, Shelly L. Guthrie into a choke hold.

Malissa Moore, 47, Dunn Road East Liverpool, was fined $150, credited with a day in jail and ordered 25 hours community service for disorderly conduct amended from assault for hitting Skyla N. Bredeck in the parking lot of Extreme Trucking, Osbourne Road, Wellsville, on July 7.

A Nov. 2 pretrial was set for Roger D. Wright, 39, East Lincoln Way, Lisbon, charged with assault for allegedly punching Robert McLaughlin in the face on Saturday.

A Dec. 7 pretrial was set for Jessi Nicole Airwyke, 27, Austintown, cited with possession of a drug abuse instrument for allegedly having a syringe, found by Salem’s K-9 Simon during a traffic stop on Saturday.

A Dec. 10 pretrial was set for Michael C. Corbin, 63, East Seventh Street, Salem, charged with theft for allegedly failing to scan $189 in merchandise at Walmart in Salem, on Sunday.

A Nov. 24 pretrial was set for Ashley D. House, 32, Hilltop Drive, Lisbon, cited with possession of drug paraphernalia for allegedly having a blue foldable mirror, a purple foldable mirror and a spoon with residue with her, as well as a meth pipe she admitted having in her bra.

A Dec. 7 pretrial was set for Corey Y. Spencer, 25, Vine Avenue, Salem, cited with failure to control and failure to stop after an accident on Oct. 18.

A Dec. 7 pretrial was set for Jennifer E. Cunning, 42, Youngstown, cited with possession of drug paraphernalia after a baggie used to store dangerous drugs was reportedly located by Salem K-9 Simon in the seat pouch of the passenger seat in front of her in a vehicle.

Jeremy Maurice Tomlin, 34, Youngstown, was fined $200 for driving under suspension and speeding.

A Dec. 3 pretrial was set for Brandon S. Myers, 46, Third Street, Wellsville, cited with driving under a 12-point suspension.

A Dec. 8 pretrial was set for Christopher O. Klasic, 44, Ridge Street, Leetonia, cited with driving under suspension.

William E. Williams, 39, South Egypt Road, Salem, was fined $250 for driving under suspension.

A Nov. 19 pretrial was set for Harold G. Bell Jr., 57, Grant Street, Salem, cited with driving under suspension.

Cody Reckner, 26, Sprucevale Road, East Liverpool, was fined $300 for driving under suspension and failure to control.

A Dec. 10 pretrial was set for Anthony J. Mecozzi Sr., 64, Warren, cited with failure to control.

Alex David Chapman, 25, Struthers, was fined $150 for speeding.

Cory Boggs, 29, Carbon Hill Road, East Palestine, was fined $100 for speeding.

Leonard T. Hanlon, 51, Uniontown, was fined $150 for possession of marijuana.

Devin W. Smilak, 25, Dutchtown School Road, Rogers, was fined $150 for an equipment violation amended from failure to control.

A failure to reinstate a license citation against Jennifer V. Groves, 43, Washington Street, Salineville, was dismissed.

ELO Muni

EAST LIVERPOOL — In East Liverpool Municipal Court, Jeramiah Burnette, Ridge Street, Leetonia, was fined $250 for no operator’s license. He is set to return Dec. 1 for a pretrial on drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana charges.

Michael W. Nelson, Campground Road, Wellsville, was fined $130 for no operator’s license and expired tag.

Mason A. Taylor, Oakmont Avenue, is set for a pretrial Thursday on an assault charge.

Heather K. Yeager, Day Road, is set for a pretrial Thursday on falsification and drug paraphernalia charges.

Justin B. Schroeder, Zenith Court, was set for a Thursday preliminary hearing on breaking and entering and theft charges.


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