Hoge’s Ladies

at Beaver Creek Meadows

LOW GROSS: AA –Kathy McCarthy, A — Susie Landsettle

LOW NET: B–Sonderrson, C–Donna Nunamaker

LOW PUTTS: Karen Angelo

BIRDIES: Kathy McCarthy No. 2, Jackie Gray No. 6

CHIP-INS: Karen Angelo

HALF & HALF: Rosie Bunner

Brittain Motors League

at East Palestine Country Club

TEAM WINNERS (4 Man, 2 Ball): Darren Gamble, Brian Cartwright, Sam Colundrella, Gary Little; Lee Wyant, Rick Huston, Drew Wilson, Lee Beight.

SKILL WINNERS: Lee Wyant (No. 1), Sam Colundrella (No. 4), Brad Wilson (No. 7), Lee Wyant (No. 9).

SKINS: Lee Wyant (No. 1), Frank Quetot (No. 4), Rick Huston (No. 6), Frank Quetot (No. 8).

50-50: Brian Cartwright

Zep’s Pizza and More at Pinky’s, Coil Line Service

at Eagle Pass

STANDINGS: Kevin Beresford-Dick Cope 173, Lucian Clewell-David Kilgore 172, Bryon Mountz-Rick Beadles 170.5, Brian Bostick-Chuck Sluss 162, Chad Wood-Rod Davison 160, Jeff Cain-Criag Andrews 153, Galen Brandt-Gage Chestnut 152.5, Scott Stewart-Jerod Benally 149.5, Lenny Vondfeldt 143.5, Scott Cope-John Arter 139.

LOW GROSS TEAM: Lucian Clewell-Colton Bowen 80


LOW NET TEAM: Jeff Cain-Criag Andrews 65, Brian Bostick-Chuck Sluss 65

LOW NET INDIVIDUAL: Craig Andrews 30


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