Sportsman League

at Walnut Lanes

The Outlaws won the fourth round and will bowl Chaney’s for the league championship.

High Game: Mike Price 289, Tim Pancake 259, Tony Savina 249.

High Series: Mike Price 701, Joey Ross 675, Tim Pancake 671.

Doubles Winners: Dave Miller and Mike Price 1401, Charlie Reeder and Nick Turkley 1377, Dale Palmer and Jason Plumm 1354, Greg Langham and Tony Savina 1340.

Last week’s leaders

Team Standings: The Outlaws 36, AK Nahas 29, Plumm’s Stump Removal 28, Chaney’s 26, Walnut Lanes 25, Brian’s Pro Shop 24, Affordable Appliance 21, Blackwood Pet Foods 7.

High Game: Tim Pancake 289, Charles Henderson 268, Joey Ross 258.

High Series: Tim Pancake 764, Charles Henderson 701, Brian Rudibaugh 663.

High Nooners

at Tri-State Lanes

Team Standings: Holy Rollers 45-15, Trump Team 38-22, Lucky Strikes 35-25, Smoking Guns 26-32, Butterflies 21-37, Sun Shine 15-43.

Holy Rollers and Trump Team will play for championship.

High Men’s Game: John Yano 165, Bill Ambrose 187, Michael Shetler 161 Larry Olmstead 192/204/204 Mike Price 192/213/197

High Men’s Series: Larry Olmstead 600, Mike Price 602

High Women’s Game: Dodie Vojnovich 178, Donna Vojnovich 169


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