Sportsman League

at Walnut Lanes

Team Standings: Chaney’s 24, Walnut Lanes 21, Plumm’s Stump Removal 20, The Outlaws 19, Blackwood Pet Foods 17, AK Nahas 16, Brian’s Pro Shop 14, Affordable Appliance 9.

High Game: Tim Pancake 277, Charles Henderson 257, Terry Taylor 242.

High Series: Tim Pancake 631, Terry Taylor 360, Mark Haustman 629.

Greene Memorial League

Team Standings: Tri State Lanes 20 wins, Brian’s Pro Shop 19 wins, Bohica 17 wins, EL O’Rillys 17 wins, Ohio Valley Golf 16 wins, Blood Traditions 14 wins, All Sports 14 wins, New Dimension 10 wins, Pat’s Painting 9 wins, Grae Con 4 wins.

Team Scratch Series: 3046 Brian’s Pro Shop,

Team Handicap Series 2976 EL O’Rillys.

Team Scratch Series: 948 Tri States Lanes.

Team Handicap Game: 1039 All Sports.

Scratch Game: 246 Dave Wolfe.

Scratch Series: 601 Mike Ross.

Handicap Game: 265 Tim Keyes

Handicap Series: 636 Alex Rockenhauser.

Individual High Average: Dave Wolfe 210.67, Billy Plumm 202.00, Johathon Willis 196.86, Mike Ross 195.86, Garrett Bryson 194.90, Steve Click 193.19,Tim Wilson 192.14, Andy Carlier 191.81; Jay Davis 189.50

Tuesday Morning Ladies League

at Westville Lake

Long putt #9: Helen Cranmer

Friday Night Scramble

at Westville Lake

Standings: Gary Allison-Brant Allison 30, Blake Glista-Al Goodrich 32, Burt Snyder-Daryl Miller 34, Tony Glista-Anthony Glista 34, Bill Wilson-Landon Wilson 34, Eric Glista-Groovy Glista 35, Jack Steele-Julie Steele 35, Bob Lavery-Jon Hunt 37, Mike Lyon-Jackie Lyons 37


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