Twin Springs opens under new ownership

Mitch and Francine McGuire are joined by their two young daughters, Saffie Ann and Della Jane, in a ceremonial ribbon-cutting at Twin Springs Golf Course. (Submitted photo)

GUILFORD LAKE – Twin Springs Golf Course is officially open to the public after owners Mitch and Francine McGuire held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday morning.

“We’ve been open to a few leagues and some people who have called for tee times, but we wanted to have an official opening date.” Mitch McGuire said.

The McGuires bought 55 acres of the former Twin Springs course, which is three of the five parcels that were auctioned in November 2019.

“We bought it so we could build a home and just enjoy all this beautiful land,” Francine said. “Then he had the idea that maybe he could open it up as a golf course again. I’m proud of all he’s done to get it up and running. It’s a lot! He’s cleared the land up there to get to the site of our future home, so now I’m antsy for him to start on that!

“We’ve had positive feedback from returning golfers and even some new ones already. Mitch has golfed here for many years, and he was sad to see it shut down last season, as were a lot of people who spent a lot of time golfing here. I admire that Mitch likes to learn. He’s been learning all that he can about maintaining the grass, setting up an irrigation system, having it fertilized, and any other knowledge he can soak up about running a golf course business. Thankfully, the previous owners and other friends have been willing to help.”

Right now the course is seven holes but McGuire has plans to add two more for next year. He’s cleared the land surrounding the building so he can have parking. Picnic tables lend a place to enjoy the views of the course or heckle other golfers.

They’ve got a fleet of carts that were available during the grand opening for people to drive around or golf for free. They had donuts, juice and greeted guests to their new business. Guests were able to spin a game wheel to win various prizes, such as a free round of golf or golfing accessories and even some gift cards.

The McGuires, with their two young daughters Saffie Ann and Della Jane, ceremoniously cut a ribbon to signify the start of a new adventure. They spoke of how grateful they are for the opportunity to be part of the community and hope this will be a place for others to enjoy.

Green fees are seven holes for $10, 14 holes for $16 and 21 holes for $20. Those prices include golf cart usage.


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