Community asked to cheer on AthleteRider

COLUMBIANA — Tina White, Lead Guardian Angel for Ainsleys Angel of NE Ohio will have a team at Twas the Night Before 5k on Wednesday.

Ainsley Angels of America aims to build awareness abut the special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included.

Ricki White is an #AthleteRider and has been for 18 months. Ricki was born with a brain anomaly, missing the middle ventricle and was not given a good prognosis at birth. She started therapy right after birth and has been able to attend regular school with her peers. Ricki has been a soapbox derby champion and is a certified recruiter for Ohio self-determination association.

“It’s all about community and inclusion,” said her mother Tina.

Ricki has participated in 26 races including two half marathons. She is currently in training to participate in her first full marathon which will be the Marine Corp Marathon in October 2020. Ricki’s current #AngelRunner is Randy Gobely and he will be pushing her at the race this coming Wednesday night.

When asked why she wants to race Ricki says, “I don’t like that seizures try to interrupt my life. I want to do things that other people do. Racing in 5k races lets me feel the wind whip my hair back and forth. It helps me do things that are hard. It makes me feel included in my community. And I use my voice to say that I want to race.”

The seventh annual Twas the Night Before 5k is limited to 500 runners and it is sold out this year. Community members are encouraged to attend the race and line the course cheering for participants such as Ricki as they work to achieve their goals.


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