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The bitter end?

March 13, 2013
Morning Journal News


It is ever going to end? The continuous bickering about how to fix our sick economy. After years of doing absolutely nothing they now propose more taxes and practically no spending cuts. Will those who would advocate higher taxes ever acknowledge that history has proven higher taxes increases the cost of companies doing business, reduces the chances of expansion and the creation of new jobs. Excessive taxes will also reduce needed money from productive circulation.

Why is it that neither party seems to ignore the choke hold the national debt has on our very existence? Could it be they can't see the forest because of the trees?

We must make the necessary cuts and adjustments now, not two or three years down the road. We have been passing on this ever-growing monster for far too many years and too many administrations. In order to arrive at a stabilized economy the people in Washington must first achieve a balanced budget and they cannot do this until we stop spending more money and than they are taking in. Without a balanced budget we will continue to flounder until swallowed up by our complacency and the worthless dollar.

I am sure those people in Washington know what has to be done to start the economy back on the right track. Could it be that they are afraid of antagonizing their constituents because of the necessary and possible painful cuts?

It might help some if our wondering president would leave Air Force One on the ground for a while and spend some time in the White House where he might try his hand at leading.

Why do the words "fundamental transformation" keep popping up in my head? Are we being sold down the river by a president whose desire is to impose his leftist ideology on all the people? His lack of interest in solving the problems that are tearing at our economy is unexplainable and down right scary.

Leon White




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