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Our culture?

January 4, 2013
Morning Journal News


Entering the year 2013, I question: "Is the glass half full or half empty?"

Do you remember enthusiastically attending Memorial Day, 4th of July and Christmas parades? Remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and praying in school; when integrity, faith, patriotism and personal achievement were acclaimed virtues and America provided the best of hopes for prosperity?

What has our culture become? For the last four years we have had more of a "Catastrophe in Chief" than a president. The last six years Democrats have compounded the national debt to $16 trillion, adding a trillion annually, fermented class warfare and secured an entitlement driven society. Disregarding the Constitution, the Democrat-dominated Senate hasn't passed a budget since 2008 and continued refusal to vote on numerous bills passed by the House.

Remember the notorious "no" vote to reference God and Israel in the Democratic Convention overruled for damage control? The tragedy of Benghazi and perceived coverup is an unconscionable loss of four Americans, among them a heroic Navy Seal and our ambassador, tortured, violated and killed. The Middle East is entrenched in the onslaught of radical religious geo-political militancy. Obama has consistently snubbed Netanyahu while Israel is in jeopardy of a massive multinational military strike reminiscent of the biblical revelation of the son of perdition and Armageddon. Our country is displayed to the world as passive, indifferent, weak, indecisive and irresponsible. The "Fast and Furious" fiasco of guns to Mexico by the government is buried in the news blitz of anti-Second Amendment opportunists. Nuclear North Korea has increased its strike range capability of America and over 45,000 citizens of Syria have been slaughtered by their own dictator.

We have legalized marijuana and progressively divorced ourselves from biblical truth and morality, our God-given "constitution" as well as the Constitution of the United States. We have elected candidates who see both as antiquated, reconstructable, irrelevant, subjective or obsolete.

Much was made of the 47 percent who historically consistently vote for liberal progressive Democrat socialism. Respectively, another 47 percent have faithfully voted conservative libertarian Republican constitutionalist. The theoretic remaining 6 percent, sometimes called "moderates," have been a shifting force in our country as it is fixed between two diametrically contrasted ideological positions; one bringing enslavement and serfdom, the other freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

Culture isn't something that happens to us, it's an outcome cultivated by and of us. Is rejection of the Constitution, promoting class warfare, bankrupting our country, moral decadence, enslavement and world irrelevance now our embraced normative culture? Are we a people of faith or fate? Is coveting our neighbor's wealth now a right? Is stealing from your neighbor to be "fair," now justice? Do we want American constitutionalism or a dictatorial ruling elite class like Venezuela, China, Cuba or Russia? Are we "The Fall of Roman Empire" Act II? Are we a "shining city on a hill" or a fading amber in the ash heap of history? Is the cup half full or half empty?

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine



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