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Gun problems

December 18, 2012
Morning Journal News


Once again we are greeted by the horrifying images on our television screens of another school massacre on American soil. This time the victims were 20 children ages5 through 10, as well as the school principal and other staff members.

Using two hand guns he started his shooting agenda at home with his mother then went to the school and continued the killing.

We've all heard all the rhetoric about our "right to own and bear arms." My father was a hunter and owned several guns. I was raised in a home with guns present but our dad taught his five daughters to safely handle them. I do not advocate banning all gun ownership, but its time we stop expressing our sympathy with each new massacre and address the problems.

First: longer application periods for gun purchases which should include screening for mental and emotional problems.

Second: absolutely no sales of assault weapons to the general population. Those weapons should be accessible only to active members of law enforcement and military.

Third: the politicians in Washington and the individual states need to stop knuckling under to the NRA and its lobbyists. These are our children, wives, husbands, families and friends dying in these tragedies. It is sadly, way past time to take a stand for those who have died needlessly and say enough is enough.

I know I'm going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this letter but I do not care. It's time people to stand firm for humanity.

This wasn't passengers on planes being flown into buildings or soldiers in Afghanistan dying. Those were and are horrible tragedies. But they were carried out by terrorists against us as a nation. This was small innocent children killed by one of their own country. Their parents will have to deal with their sorrow of identifying their sons and daughters bodies, then dealing with the gifts they bought that will never be opened and exclaimed over Christmas morning.

There is a verse in the Bible that says "Jesus wept." I know he has to be weeping today as he welcomed those souls to heaven.

Jenny L. Smith




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