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October 19, 2012
Morning Journal News


As last evening's presidential debate illustrates, grammar matters, especially in a news cycle where gaffes become the next morning's headline. Governor Romney's effective point of having more women in high-level cabinet positions than any other head of state in the union became lost in laughter when he said he had "binderfuls of women" rather than "binderfuls of women's resumes" (for a Mormon candidate, a most unfortunate mistake).

The governor also blundered when he said that the president refused to call the attack on the consulate in Libya an act of "terror." As Ms. Crowley pointed out correctly, that was not true. What is true, however, is the point that the governor was trying to make: The president did not want to name the action an act of "terror-ism," which would have implicated a more highly organized anti-American group, rather than a few spontaneous protests.

Of course, the vice president, with his likeable and larger than life persona, has been known to get away with this sort of thing; the president and the governor, however, while also good-hearted men, are much more understated, and need to watch themselves. In this day of YouTube, a campaign can be lost with a mere slip of the lip.

Price W. Grisham




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