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Oh those phones

October 13, 2012
Morning Journal News


Doesn't anybody read up on the issues they want to publicly speak out against before they put pen to paper, so to speak?

I'm real tired of hearing all the complaining about "Obamaphones." To get the facts straight we need to go back in time. The Communications Act of 1934 stated that all people in the United States shall have access to rapid, efficient, nationwide communications service with adequate facilities at reasonable charges. The Lifeline program, as many are familiar with, began during the term of Ronald Reagan. It was expanded to include cell phones during the term of George W. Bush. The program is paid for out of the Universal Service Fund which is a fee assessed your service providers. If you notice this fee on your cell bill, the company is passing the fee on to you. The FCC does not require this fee to be passed on to the customer, but some companies do. There is a subsidy for these companies up to $9 and change per phone, regardless if it is a cell or landline.

Under Obama, the FCC has moved forward with reforms to the program to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse with savings of $2 billion over the next three years.

So let's recap. The program started under Reagan. The program was expanded under George W. There have been heavy reforms under Obama.

There is something wrong with people who need to make up falsehoods about someone to get other people elected. If they can't win on their own merits, they should not win.

Juli Johnson




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