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Ethics question rears its head in Palestine

February 25, 2014

EAST PALESTINE — A group leasing proposal in East Palestine has been met with yet another roadblock, and this time ethics are under scrutiny....

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Feb-25-14 4:38 PM

Blunder is the best word. This will forever be known as 'E.P.'s Blunder'

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Feb-25-14 1:49 PM

Think I'm just going to move to columbiana. Ep is always trying to keep up with columbiana but after this latest blunder ep will never recover while columbiana continues to thrive. Only problem is that no one will buy my house because nobody wants to live in ep. Property value in this town is garbage and will continue to be garbage.

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Feb-25-14 1:44 PM

Taco bell is going to start serving breakfast in March! Maybe if this town had some oil and gas money we could have a taco bell. I guess I will have to drive to columbiana to get my waffle taco.

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Feb-25-14 12:21 PM

Lets legalize marijuana people. Maybe we can discuss that at the next meeting. I will bring it up to Don.

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Feb-25-14 11:05 AM

I guess that's what ep needs to do keep taking steps backward instead of moving forward. Every other town in the area will benefit from oil/gas and ep will just become the new leetonia of the area. Looks like jason/hadenough pops her head up again to give another uneducated thought. We are doomed

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Feb-25-14 10:56 AM

most of them are stupid hillbillies

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Feb-25-14 10:51 AM

Citizens of not sign anything until you personally talk with the oil companies, and have the facts. This is your property values at stake. Good bet you are not getting all the facts from Mr. Councilman Extraordinaire. What do you really know about him? He just walks into EP, and runs it? Listen to what he says. He thinks EP Citizens are stupid hillbillies. Wake up.

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Feb-25-14 10:24 AM

Yeah jumbo and cruiser. Was yins boys at dat meetin?

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Feb-25-14 10:14 AM

jimbo - so tell me you still siding with donny boy - can you not see its all about him and no one else? cohen sounds like the only smart one there... where is powers why didnt he have this info? donny boy have him gagged in the corner? by the way cruiser, jimbo was you at the meeting?

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Feb-25-14 10:07 AM

Leave it to the people of East Palestine to let a golden opportunity slip right through their hands. I better not hear a single one of you in the future complaining the surrounding towns who go for this are in such better shape then E.P.

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Feb-25-14 9:37 AM

How about we forget about raising taxes and the oil and gas. What is really going to help this village rake in some money is to legalize marijuana. The coffee stop can become the pot stop. We could pave our roads with gold

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Feb-25-14 8:45 AM

Cruiser: Just keep raising that false tax issue to keep everyone off-topic and scared. Last I heard the town was in the black, the 2014 budget is balanced, the streets are getting paved, the town is looking better and better every week thanks to manager Monteleone. I was also at the meeting last night and it was great to see citizens there taking part, and a real debate about the issues. Everyone there left with more information from both sides. That's more productive than the ridiculous personal spatting that takes place here.

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Feb-25-14 7:58 AM

Arguing, delving for information, holding council accountable for out town, searching for the facts, all needs to take place. This is a big deal for EP, not something to be taken lightly. The impacts can be prosperous, or can end up being the ruin of the village in the end. The people have a say, and they made that perfectly clear last night. No ONE spoke in favor of this unitization, but many showed outrage over the possibility of this taking place. Time for EP to take a step back and look at this closer, and all the consequences. It's not just about the money, it's about the towns people winning...not councilmen. As stated on this forum a qhile back...The voters voted these council people into office. So, therefore, the people have a right to say their piece and be heard, and have their word count.

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Feb-25-14 7:46 AM

And let the arguing begin. -_-

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Feb-25-14 4:45 AM

It was a pleasure to speak against the fracking last night. We as citizens proved our displeasure with it. I have my own screen name Cruiser and don't say again I am someone else. We were at the meeting last night speaking, we heard no one speak for fracking.

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Feb-25-14 4:11 AM

Ha ha ha that's the best question I've seen yet bigboss.... Maybe that's in the minutes of the meeting. Jason/hadenough check the minutes to see when skerballs is opening.

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Feb-25-14 3:36 AM

When is Skerballs opening?

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Feb-25-14 2:29 AM

This town has no money. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what a town with no money does to get money. Especially a town that can't even profit from a concession stand lol. Taxes will soon be raised just wait and see.

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Feb-25-14 1:48 AM

I see that Jimbo / Cruiser are at it again. Everyone knows you're just one person talking to yourself. Look at the times of the posts everyone; what are the chances at 12:22 and 12:24 AM that these two would both be online at exactly the same time? Hint: It's a female and her first name starts with a (D)ianna. And in case no one has noticed, there is no discussion on council that I've seen reported about any tax increases needed in EP. So what's with the scare tactics? Always a sign of weakness. Just a way to try to bully people into thinking like you. Typical political ploy. When you have no other ammo, raise the specter of higher taxes to keep everyone in line, direct attention away from the real issues.

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Feb-25-14 12:24 AM

Cohen seems like the type of person who complains and has an issue with everything. Now he'll be complaining the town has no money. Then when we get taxed he'll complain about that. The type of person who's never happy unless he's voicing opposition or negativity. Reminds me of a lot of people who comment on these articles.

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Feb-25-14 12:22 AM

I guess it is more ethical to just raise taxes..... Either everyone benefits or everyone pays. Looks like everyone is going to be paying. I will be voting against any proposed tax increases.

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