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October 9, 2014 Editor: My mom guilt has made me sick. I’m disturbed with the knowledge that I’ve gained since August of 2013 about education reform in Ohio. more »»


October 6, 2014 Editor: How interesting and curious that state Rep. Nick Barborak is all of the sudden up in arms about the heroin epidemic that is in evidence throughout Columbiana Count. more »»


October 6, 2014 Editor: Truth or consequences. more »»

Save a life, save your life

October 5, 2014 Editor: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am a breast cancer survivor. However, this April, my worst fear came true when my daughter was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. more »»

That’s heavy

September 27, 2014 Editor: This zoning vote in Center Township has me more than a little concerned since I have part ownership in a 21-acre parcel of land there which I have bought for a small business I plan to start... more »»

Everyone must be aware

September 26, 2014 Editor: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time when advocates across the nation focus public attention on the epidemic of domestic violence, a time when every person should consider... more »»

So what

September 21, 2014 Editor: Gosh, I guess if zoning passes I won’t be able to put my junkyard next to the $250,000 house my neighbor built. It’s my property .. more »»

Thou shalt not

September 19, 2014 Editor: I am a 19-year-old resident of Center Township in Columbiana County and am interested in developing some agricultural potentials on our family farm after college. more »»

Zoning: Read it and reject it

September 17, 2014 Editor: Freedom has long been under attack by proponents of expanding government and agenda filled regulatory agencies. more »»

Moore stories

September 15, 2014 Editor: The South Fork of Moore Road — the road that never was. I wish to speak about Moore Road, to help people understand what’s going on. more »»

Help physicians help more

September 12, 2014 If you think the war on drugs has been going well in this part of the country, you have not been reading the newspaper. Drug-related arrests are in the news virtually every day. more »»

Tea for thee

September 8, 2014 Editor: The Tea Party is the ultra-conservative group of the Republican Party. more »»

She has his back

September 7, 2014 Editor: Jennifer Garrison’s recent attacks on Bill Johnson are as disappointing as they are deceiving. She knows that Bill has returned $200,000 of his office budget to the taxpayers. more »»

Other options

September 4, 2014 Editor: From the post office to the courthouse to the veterinary clinic, people are wanting to know why the beautiful brick house surrounded by old shade trees is being torn down for a Dunkin Donuts... more »»

As seen on TV

August 29, 2014 Editor: State Rep. Nick Barborak’s message in his recent newsletter and on Comcast Newsmakers was heavy on political grandstanding, but very light on sincerit. more »»

Taxpayer dollars

August 28, 2014 Editor: One of the reasons why most Ohioans are fed up with Washington is that too many Members won’t listen to the public. Instead, they spend our money to help their own political campaigns. more »»

Just perfect

August 15, 2014 Editor: A recent article in the New York Times magazine section says that we here in Columbiana County along with six counties in Eastern Kentucky don’t have a very high quality of life. more »»

Watch your mph

August 15, 2014 Editor: This letter is to warn drivers who use the road to Washingtonville from Leetonia that it is being radar speed-checked now on a regular basis by the Washingtonville Police Department. more »»

On the town

August 15, 2014 Editor: I really appreciate Congressman Bill Johnson calling me to participate in one of his telephone town halls. more »»

Summer reading

August 14, 2014 Editor: It is summertime in northeast Ohio (sort of), a time for squeezing in some personal rest and relaxation which can often involve curling up with that good book you’ve been meaning to get to... more »»



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