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Go after ISIS, not restrooms

August 24, 2016 Many, probably most, Americans agree government ought to stay out of our bedrooms. That is a reference to laws attempting to regulate private behavior including sex. more »»

State system must keep working

August 23, 2016 A bipartisan committee of state legislators is to begin meetings this week to tackle a critically important task — ensuring the state unemployment compensation system remains solvent. more »»

Make property owners part of meth solution

August 21, 2016 Heroin overdoses and meth labs have become the scourge of Columbiana County in the last few years. more »»

U.N. peacekeepers fail again

August 20, 2016 When was the last time you remember reading of the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces actually keeping the peace? Been awhile, hasn’t it? More likely is that you have seethed over reports of the... more »»

The burden of Obamacare

August 19, 2016 Obamacare would cost far more than the White House was claiming, we cautioned when the federal health insurance takeover was being debated. more »»

Serve, and also protect

August 18, 2016 The video recording that shows Perry Galloway Jr.’s last minutes on earth is gut wrenching and heart breaking. Every law enforcement officer and official in the Ohio Valley should view it. more »»

Analyze cost on middle class

August 17, 2016 Congressional Budget Office analysts estimate the national debt, now at 75 percent of the gross national product, will grow to 86 percent in a decade. more »»

Fighting terrorism, one by one

August 16, 2016 A few weeks ago, we warned that defeating terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State on the battlefield probably will mean an increase in brutal attacks by their operatives. more »»

Deficit not worth bragging about

August 15, 2016 President Barack Obama brags his stewardship over the federal budget has been praiseworthy. Why, spending deficits are going down, he proclaims. Wrong. more »»

Insult added to injury

August 14, 2016 When Columbiana County was first preyed upon by the illegal investment scheme launched by then treasurer Ardel Strabala through his son, Stephen, back in the early 1990s, we learned that $6 million... more »»

Who is to blame? WHO

August 13, 2016 One wonders whether those who bungled a United Nations health initiative understand people may have died — no, probably died, and perhaps in large numbers — as a result of the failures. more »»

Just like a tax increase

August 12, 2016 One of those “fact check” analyses of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech on the economy made the limits of such writing very clear. more »»

Roasts and Toasts

August 11, 2016 TOAST workers from the Yarian Brothers Excavation crew, county Land Bank committee member Sherrie Curtis and First Class Towing owner Patrick King for going out of their way to help a woman whose ca... more »»

The menace of cyberattacks

August 11, 2016 Computer equipment went on the fritz at Delta Airlines this week. Tens of thousands of passengers and employees were affected by more than 1,000 canceled flights and 2,800 delayed takeoff. more »»

IS is only the biggest threat

August 10, 2016 The Islamic State is the politically incorrect terrorist organization of the year. more »»

There ought to be a law . . .

August 9, 2016 If you are among the perverted class who engage in “upskirt” photography, Georgia may be the place for you. more »»

Predators still not protected

August 8, 2016 Ohioans are justifiably outraged when they learn someone in a position of trust has violated it by victimizing others, often children. more »»

Hillary and big money

August 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton has pledged that if she is elected president, she will do something about the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. more »»

Is TPP good for Americans?

August 6, 2016 With many Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, questioning the wisdom of a proposed 12-nation trade pact, its supporters are offering what they hope will be a persuasive argumen. more »»

The war on natural gas

August 5, 2016 Gas and oil drilling has been one of the few bright spots in the economies of West Virginia and East Ohio during the past few year. more »»



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