Trump supporter: Keep your dreams strong

To the editor:

Everyday this president is working to help the hospitals get their supplies. Just look what we need for New York, California and others. Why are we getting our supplies from China? Why can’t Americans make things here?

All this is red tape that Obamacare put on the hospitals and nursing homes and their supplies and to force them to buy from China. He had to get rid of the regulations on everything.

The president never gets any thanks for working day and night. He doesn’t take his paycheck from the taxpayers. He gives it away to help someone else. He praises everybody else who can work fast and get things done. Did you know that he doesn’t want anybody to die of this virus? All he gets is attacks and putdowns by people that hate him.

We need a businessman in office that can fight for us. Americans need to make things here again. We need to believe in us again. We can do it again.

Let us get back to work as soon as we can. Everybody has a dream. No virus should take that away. Stand up against it. Keep your dreams strong.

Lena Fox,

New Middletown


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