A happy Father’s Day to all the good dads

There is a difference between biological paternity and fatherhood. To be a father beyond the cellular level, a man has a difficult job.

A good father is about setting an example of what life should be about — and that example should show that life is not about winning, money or fame or whining when things do not go his way.

A good father works to provide for his family, even when jobs are scarce. It’s a work ethic in the name of the children that is good and necessary to instill in the children, by example.

A good father shares the triumphs of his children with joy, even if it means his plans for the day must change so that he is there at the moment the child has something to celebrate.

A good father tries to soothe the defeats of his children with just the right words while trying to be sure every defeat carries in it a life lesson of some importance.

A good father stands ever ready to fight to protect his children, but stands firm in the knowledge that, sometimes, his children need a correction to set them on the right path.

All of that means that a good father will not always be a warm, cuddly being, and can seem harsh, a tough taskmaster. No man is ideal at all of those tasks, but a good father strives always. And we hope that good fathers recognize that perfection is not necessary or possible, but the effort produces a better next generation.

A child might not realize that for many years, but children should know that a good father acts out of love, out of his dreams for the future for his children. No real father wants his children to grow up directionless, rudderless and without some moral foundation to help them navigate their way through a world that can often be cruel. We hope that you have a father who strives always in service, love, joy, protection and discipline. Remember, he’s only human and mistakes are part of the deal with any human. We hope the those whose fathers have passed, have nothing but fond memories and appreciation for the kinds of men they were.

If you’re close to your father, physically and emotionally, make Sunday — Father’s Day — a special day. If you’ve been emotionally separated, Father’s Day is a good time to get beyond the past and recognize that life is finite. And if your father is far away, pick up the phone today and let him know what he has meant to you.

Just hearing from a child is the best Father’s Day present any dad can receive. Dads like, sometimes yearn and even pray, to hear the words “I love you” coming from a son or daughter. To all the dads, especially the good days out there, tomorrow is your day. Have a happy Father’s Day.


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