Public should have a say in death penalty

Ohio Sen. Mike Rulli, R-Salem, is among legislators who are exploring elimination of Ohio’s death penalty.

Ohio Senate Bill 103, which effectively would end Ohio’s death penalty, is generating critically important debate and discourse.

The proposed end to capital punishment in Ohio comes at a time when our governor has instituted a moratorium on executions,

Like many other states in the union, Ohio continues to struggle in its efforts to locate drugs for use in lethal injections. That means that those sentenced to die in Ohio will remain on death row for now, and families of victims waiting for closure will be left with no end in sight.

Until a broader discussion on SB 103 can be held, we believe legislators in Columbus should debate and consider adding other means for execution in Ohio to comply with the law on the books.

Looking ahead, abolishing capital punishment is such a deep, moral issue that never should be entered into lightly, and that it should be debated and decided by the electorate at the polls rather than by those in Columbus.


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