New Year brings reminder to schedule annual checkups

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and a good reminder that we all need to be proactive in getting our annual checkups.

Pandemic worries and overburdened medical facilities have made it more challenging to schedule and keep such relatively routine appointments. But for some people, the results can be anything but routine.

Experts remind us that all women are at risk for cervical cancer, most often occurring in women over age 30. When it is found early, it is highly treatable. Regular cervical cancer screenings beginning at age 21 are the best way to detect changes that can lead to cancer.

While this might not be a screening everyone needs, we all know there are plenty that we do need to have done routinely, whether it is every year, every five years, etc. Too often, we nod our head at our doctors and then forget to schedule the appointment.

Let’s not do that this year. Get those recommended screenings done. Make that appointment. Make an appointment to see your doctor — whether in person or Telehealth — and discuss what routine screenings need to be done.

It might just save your life.


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