Have you checked the forecast? Mother Nature packing a punch

We knew something like this was bound to occur. The fickleness of Mother Nature being what it is, we have had a very moderate winter season. So far, that is. It’s about to end. Now comes the snow. Lots of snow, maybe.

Those of us who pay attention to weather forecasts are aware that we are likely going to get walloped Sunday evening into Monday afternoon with heavy snow. The details aren’t completely dialed in as this is written but forecasters are using terms such as “significant,” “impactful,” and “plowable” for what to expect. In other words it won’t be a dusting. Weather maps have that crimson, purplish coloring over our area. That stands for big snow totals.

On the plus side, the road crews have had ample time to prepare. Salt sheds and domes are full and plows are ready. We have capable village, city, township and county personnel throughout our parts ready to take on the snow. What will help, too, is that roadways should have reduced traffic due to Monday being Martin Luther King Day with public offices and the like going to be closed anyways. If schools weren’t going to be out for MLK Day they would have been as a snow day.

Still, life will go on for many of us. For those who have to get out, please be cautious and mindful of others on the roadways. Leave room for the plows going past you. Pack a blanket, shovel and other provisions in your vehicle. Fill up your tank and make sure your cellphone is charged. You do not need to be stuck on a major freeway like those thousands of poor folks were in Virginia two weeks ago. You can get stranded on one of our many lonely rural roadways.

If physically able, keep your sidewalks and porches clear. If not physically able, get the neighbor kid to do it. Check in on the senior citizens in your life.

Many revel in a good snowstorm. It can be very picturesque. It makes hot chocolate taste even better and blanketing snow can deafen a lot of that annoying white noise — distracting sounds –that we all deal with during a typical day. Try watching joyful children finally getting enough snow to try out Christmas sleds, build snow forts and make snow angels. Not to mention, having a good old fashion snowball fight.

So stay safe. Stay warm and let Mother Nature do her thing. We all knew snow was coming sooner or later. Sooner is on the clock right now.


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