For sake of animals, too, stay home if you are sick

Ohio has once again made news worldwide.

Last Friday the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Veterinary Services Laboratories announced a COVID-positive white-tailed deer was found in Ohio. These are the first deer confirmed with COVID in the world. And apparently, they are in our own backyard.

The report said samples of the deer were taken between January and March of this year as part of ongoing deer damage management activities.

COVID infections have been reported in some other animals tested worldwide, most in animals that had been in close contact with humans, including pet cats and dogs, and in one case reported by the CDC, a ferret. Animals in zoos and sanctuaries, including big cats, otters and primates have also been infected with COVID, after being near infected humans.

The USDA did note the risk of animals spreading it to humans appears to be low. But apparently we can infect animals.

As if we need another reason to try to limit COVID exposure, it appears we also must think of our animal friends as well, stay home when sick — and tough as it might be, stay out of our pets’ faces. Otherwise, we are putting them at risk, too. COVID caution just doesn’t apply to human any longer.


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