Students should get vaccines now

Gov. Mike DeWine is working to catch college students while they are still on campus to get them their COVID-19 vaccinations.

With Ohio’s institutions of higher learning getting the chance to offer vaccine clinics for students, an important step is being taken, despite the widely held belief that college students need not worry about the virus.

Although it is true they may be more likely to exhibit no symptoms or experience mild symptoms when infected, the lower risk to their own bodies does nothing to diminish their ability to transmit the illness. If college students are inoculated, it could mean tens of thousands of young people who no longer are a threat to the older or more vulnerable members of their families and communities to which they return in May.

“While fewer of our young people get sick from COVID, the evidence clearly shows they are significant carriers,” DeWine said recently. “And they’re significant carriers because of their interaction with other people.”

If you know a college student who can take advantage of the opportunity to receive their vaccine soon, let them know. Encourage them to do it not only for themselves, but for the rest of us.


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