Punishing those who aided Strauss

For months since the late Dr. Richard Strauss’ misdeeds at Ohio State University surfaced, people have wondered how he got away with it for so long. While serving as a doctor for OSU athletic teams during the 1990s, Strauss sexually abused hundreds of young men.

Some of them complained at the time, but no one at OSU took action. In fact, it appears some served as enablers for Strauss.

One, former OSU student health director Ted Grace, faces discipline from the state medical board for failing to report at least three complaints about Strauss. Reportedly, he lied to one student, telling him there had been no previous complaints about Strauss.

Grace has moved on. He now works at Southern Illinois University. Officials there will not comment.

His case brings up another question: He may lose his SIU job. He may be disciplined by the Ohio medical board. Is that all the punishment to be meted out to those who enabled Strauss?


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