Voters do their part in ‘purge’

Possessing the right to vote carries with it responsibilities as well as a great privilege. During the past few months, more than 40,000 Ohioans have recogized and acted upon that.

Like chief election officers in many other states, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has recognized the need to clean up voter registration rolls. They may contain hundreds of thousands of names that should be stricken for various reasons, including deaths and changes of address.

But LaRose’s “purge” has drawn criticism from those who claim it is “voter suppression.” It is not.

Election officials have made every attempt to contact those whose names were about to be removed, and give them chances to remain registered. During the past few months, more than 40,000 people have done just that.

Good for them — but also good for LaRose and other election officials. Cleaning up voter registration rolls is important to ensure elections are conducted honestly. Requiring a bit of feedback from voters, as is done during the purge process, is not too much to ask.