Brown’s words full of divisiveness

During his visit to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station last week, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, was touting the Democratic talking points by blasting away at President Donald Trump’s attempt to find border wall funding.

Brown called the president’s latest proposal to redirect federal funds to the wall from military construction projects “stupid.”

In words made famous by big-screen character Forrest Gump, we say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Brown is pushing back against Trump’s idea that could affect an $8.8 million security upgrade at the Vienna base and a $7.4 million machine gun range at Camp James A. Garfield Joint Military Training Center near Newton Falls, plus millions in projects elsewhere in the state.

“The wall is a bad idea, and taking money away from our national defense is a really bad idea with what’s called the gate relocation at YARS. It’s a stupid idea; it’s wrong,” Brown said. “Congress has said ‘no’ to the wall, the public doesn’t support the wall and the president is dug in.”

We disagree with Brown’s assessment. In fact, we believe there is strong public support for a border wall to slow illegal migration in the south. And we believe it is the Democrats, rather, who are dug in to their opposition.

If the president’s plan goes through, about $112 million would be redirected from military projects to wall construction in Ohio alone.

That’s significant, no doubt.

But let’s not forget it was Brown’s Democratic Party that voted against Trump’s budget proposal seeking billions of dollars to secure our nation’s southern border. That vote set up a scenario in which future defense-spending projects were put at risk even after Trump threatened an executive order declaring an emergency and diverting military funds to battle the national emergency.

That will likely result in reallocating funds from local projects like the planned machine gun range at Camp Garfield and the planned upgrade of the Youngstown Air Reserve Station’s main gate, intending to relocate it farther from the air base’s structures in order to make the facility more secure against attack. So what, exactly, did Brown think would happen?

Tens of thousands of immigrants enter our country illegally each month by crossing the southern border. Elected officials like Brown and other Democrats have denounced the president’s plan. However, Trump was right to declare an emergency on the southern border under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

And now Brown decries the president’s action as stupid?

What is stupid, rather, is to be forewarned about an impending outcome, but do nothing to divert it. And then continue divisive actions and refuse cooperation in Washington.


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