Roasts & Toasts

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are notes and comments by the Journal staff to recognize both the accomplishments and shortcomings of people, officials and groups in our county, state, nation and world. Signed submissions from readers may be considered, but are not automatically included.)

TOAST Wellsville resident John Ross, whose curious concern may have saved the life of an Augusta woman Tuesday. While traveling along state Route 518 in Franklin Township, Ross noticed a car off the road and down in the woods, so he went back to check and found the car’s driver stumbling across the field before she collapsed to her knees. Instead of continuing on as many drivers would have, Ross helped the woman and summoned first responders.

TOAST the estate of Alfred Bjelke for making the unexpected, but much appreciated, bequest of $100,000 to the village of Wellsville, where cemetery equipment is sorely needed. The village plans to erect a street sign in Springhill Cemetery along the roadway where Bjelke is buried, naming it “Bjelke Way” in his memory.

ROAST those people who, the minute news of the aforementioned bequest from Alfred Bjelke was publicized, began bad-mouthing village officials on social media, with one person even suggesting it won’t go for repairing streets but “into someone’s pocket.” Council members were up front Tuesday night when the donation was announced that the money will be used to purchase cemetery equipment. While obviously crucial, street repairs are not the only need the village has. And, in case these naysayers are not aware, an annual audit of village books pretty much ensures it isn’t going into anyone’s pocket.

TOAST not only East Liverpool and Liverpool Township firefighters for the way they worked together battling a major fire this week but also some bystanders who pulled hose and otherwise helped out. A man wearing a Lawrenceville (W.Va.) Fire Department jacket was among those seen dragging hoses behind an adjacent home, which was saved from destruction by this joint effort.