Refining the election process

With all the accusations of “voter suppression” being made against Republicans, it is a real pleasure to note that West Virginia’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner, seems to be doing all he can to increase the number of people who cast ballots.

In the process, Warner, a Republican, is nationally recognized for leadership in election security.

Last year, Warner’s office oversaw a pilot project to help those in the military and civilians working overseas participate in elections. Under existing systems, that can be difficult.

But Warner made it easy. Those overseas and participating in his program cast ballots through a special, secure smartphone application. And the trial run was a success — the first in the nation.

Warner hopes to offer the option during the 2020 elections.

Elections secured against tampering, combined with initiatives like Warner’s to sign up new voters and make it easier to cast ballots sound like a winning combination to us.

Dare we say it? Yes: West Virginia seems to be leading the way on this one.