Roasts & Toasts

TOAST the quick actions of Susan Rohm, who works in the county treasurer’s office and spotted an elderly gentleman sitting on the sidewalk in the Lisbon square across the street from the courthouse in the subzero temperatures on Wednesday afternoon. Matt Miller in security, Sheriff Ray Stone and Chief Deputy Kip Dowling saw Rohm dashing across the street to help, which alerted them to what was happening. They came outside to lift him off the ground. The man was heading to the courthouse to buy his dog license, had tripped attempting to get up onto the sidewalk and struck his head. He was patched up in the sheriff’s office and sent on his way.

ROAST those people who take to Facebook to complain about something they’ve read in the paper they believe to be false, rather than calling the reporter who wrote the article to ask about the issue. There isn’t a soul on social media who can correct that mistake, if it is indeed incorrect. And, sometimes, in speaking to the reporter, people learn no mistake was actually made.

TOAST East Liverpool firefighters for responding twice in recent weeks to unusual calls involving dogs that needed to be rescued in one way or another. In one instance, firefighters picked up a dog and transported it to a veterinarian since the owner had no transportation and the dog was in dire straits with a collar stuck around its tongue. Unfortunately, that dog did not survive, but not for lack of effort on the firemen’s part. This past week, they went to a burned-out house to rescue two dogs who found themselves stuck on the second floor, even walking quite a way uphill, in the rainy cold weather, to return the dogs home.

TOAST those people who make sure their outdoor animals have ways to keep warm when the temperatures dip below freezing.

TOAST Liverpool Township Patrolman Jake Talbott for going the extra mile in this frigid weather by not only stopping to check on a disabled vehicle but changing the woman driver’s tire, which had blown out after striking a large pothole.

TOAST area school district officials for caring enough for students and staff members to cancel classes during this week’s arctic blast. Also TOAST those districts that have planned ahead with “blizzard bags” to keep students up with their studies on such days off, rather than having them sitting idly around.

ROAST those pet owners who have not made an effort to bring in their dogs and cats during this week’s horrible temperatures. It is bad enough that these animals are living outside at all, let alone on days when they could easily freeze to death. Legislators need to revisit Ohio’s animal cruelty laws and make them more specific about how companion animals are treated, especially in bad weather.