Fighting the good cyber fight

Threats to our security come in many forms, but among the least understood are those that occur in cyberspace. From our personal computers and smartphones all the way up to the server banks keeping hospitals running and those holding the secrets of the federal government, hackers can be as devastating as traditional military or terroristic attackers.

Ohio lawmakers are right, then, to be working on a bill establishing the Ohio Cyber Reserve, a “security organization would be responsible for maintaining teams of IT professionals to protect citizens, businesses, infrastructure and local governments from cyberattacks,” according to a news released from the state House of Representatives, which passed the legislation last week.

“House Bill 747 creates an additional tool for protecting Ohioans from cyber terrorists,” said Rep. Laura Lanese, R-Grove City, who sponsored the legislation with Rep. Mark Romanchuk, R-Ontario. “While we hope it’s rarely called into action, the Ohio Cyber Reserve is a necessary addition to our state’s arsenal as we continue to prepare for the realities of an ever-advancing technological world.”

In a case of remembering our founders could not possibly have foreseen the many ways in which our world has changed, the bill was adapted from the section of Ohio law pertaining to organizing a militia; and rightly so. Surely the state Senate will understand how important such a team will be.

Some of our nation’s most unsung warriors are fighting our enemies with weapons such that include keyboards and wireless mice. Ohio lawmakers are to be commended for understanding the state needs a reserve of such warriors, too.