WVU frats need to be reined in

On the night of Saturday, Nov. 10, David Rusko, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at West Virginia University, fell down the steps at the fraternity house. He was injured badly. Two hours passed before anyone at the fraternity house decided it was time to call an ambulance. Rusko, 22, remained hospitalized at last report.

Angry, upset WVU officials ordered an investigation, then suspended the fraternity, along with some of its members.

One might have thought the past few years of interaction between WVU and its fraternities would have taught SAE members a lesson. Apparently not, to judge by their lackadaisical attitude toward Rusko.

Since a student died at a fraternity party in 2014, reportedly because he consumed too much alcohol, WVU has been cracking down on the social organizations. Five have been suspended for 10 years.

Obviously, the campaign needs to continue — perhaps even intensify. Some at WVU fraternities seem to have taken “Animal House” as their motto. That needs to end.