Strziok’s fire was justified

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired by the agency Friday, long after he should have lost his job.

Strzok was involved in both the FBI’s investigation of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and that of President Donald Trump. He was removed from the Trump probe when his animosity toward the president was revealed.

Prior to the election, the married Strzok sent multiple text messages to another FBI employee, his girlfriend, pledging, among other things, that “we’ll stop” Trump from being elected. He called Trump a “disaster.”

The straw that broke the FBI camel’s back, leading to Strzok’s firing, may have been his testimony to Congress. In it, Strzok insisted his text messages were not evidence of bias against Trump on his part.

Come on. To Strzok’s other offenses, add insulting the intelligence of members of Congress and the American people.


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