Morrisey right to file lawsuit

All too often, we hear of crimes commited by people who get away with them. Sometimes they steal money by calling grandmothers and lying about grandchildren being in trouble. Other times, they take money for home improvements, then never show up to do the work.

Well, good for West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for doing something about one allegedly sleazy contractor.

Morrisey has filed a lawsuit accusing a Clarksburg contractor of taking down payments for home improvements that were never even begun. The attorney general also wants a temporary court order to keep the company from accepting new business.

According to Morrisey’s lawsuit, the company demanded up-front deposits of half the total price of certain home improvements. In some of those cases, the firm never paid manufacturers for materials. And in some, customers demanding refunds were told no money would be given back.

An Associated Press reporter checking into the contractor found a telephone number listed for it had been disconnected.

If the company and/or its representatives are guilty as accused, they ought to be held to account financially and with a ban on doing business in the future. Depending on the circumstances, criminal charges may be merited.

It is not uncommon for local law enforcement agencies to crack down on dishonest contractors. But Morrisey’s action sends a statewide message that may save some West Virginians from losing substantial amounts of money to shady operators in the future.