Tax dollars at work

Taxpayers’ money is not always spent wisely. But transparent foolishness simply is not tolerated in the relatively small towns and cities in our area.

One does not have to go far to find examples of misuse of tax dollars, however.

Take what happened during a Columbus City Council meeting. There, council members agreed to provide $185,000 to help immigrants facing deportation with their lawyer bills.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown, who championed the spending, said the funds will be used to educate detained immigrants about their rights and to help those facing deportation with their legal expenses.

One wonders whether Columbus City Council has plans to use taxpayers’ money to help those accused of breaking other laws. Will city officials help pay for lawyers for people who disturb the peace? How about motorists pulled over for driving under the influence?

Are there not legal residents of Columbus who would like some help from the city? What about the poor family notified its water service is about to be cut off for nonpayment of the city bill?

Illegal immigrants are the politically correct cause du jour, these days, at least in many big cities. But Columbus taxpayers have a right to ask why their elected officials have decided they should spend their constituents’ hard-earned dollars on what council members deem to be worthy causes with no connection whatsoever to providing municipal services.


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