Nothing has changed in Iran

Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials announced this week that the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameini, has restricted the range of missiles manufactured in Iran to 1,240 miles.

Oh. Everything’s all right, then. All that worry over Iran’s missile and nuclear weapons programs was for nothing.

Pardon our sarcasm.

Analysts have said the Iranian announcement was meant to quiet concern about the country’s arms buildup. It should change nothing.

For starters, missiles capable of flying 1,240 miles from Iran can hit Israel, U.S. military bases and shipping in the region, including oil tankers on which Americans rely. Those are major worries.

Then, there is the issue of believing anything the Iranian leadership says. For years, Tehran insisted it was not engaged in an arms buildup. It was.

And the regime maintains it has not sent troops, arms and money to help terrorist organizations. It has.

At least Iran is not North Korea, where saber rattling is a way of life. That is small consolation, however. Tuesday’s announcement, on the other hand, is no reassurance at all.


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