Much will depend on Tuesday

Tuesday is Election Day, a very important day for determining the future of our Columbiana County communities.

Unlike last year when the presidential election theatrics began very early, this year’s election may seem rather dull and unexciting. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that this election is not important, however. The people we elect on Nov. 7 are the grassroots of our governing process and the decisions they make are more likely to affect our everyday lives than those made on the state and national levels.

Here’s a rundown of what you may see on your ballot:

The city of Columbiana will elect a mayor and fill three council seats.

East Liverpool voters will select several council members as will Salem, Leetonia, Lisbon, East Palestine, Hanoverton and Minerva.

Trustees will be elected in Butler, Center, Elkrun, Fairfield, Franklin, Hanover, Knox, Liverpool, Madison, Middleton, Perry, St. Clair, Salem, Unity, Wayne and West townships. Liverpool Township will also elect a fiscal officer.

School board seats will be filled in the Crestview, East Liverpool, East Palestine, Leetonia, Lisbon, Salem, Southern Local, United Local and West Branch districts.

A number of issues, questions and tax levies to fund current expenses, roads, fire and safety forces and parks will also be on the ballot for many cities, villages and townships.

Columbiana city voters will decide upon a proposed resolution to amend the residential zoning code to allow chickens within city limits.

Salem voters will consider the creation of a charter commission and Wellsville voters will decide whether they want to increase their income tax by .5 percent to fund the police department and pave the roads. Also on Wellsville’s ballot will be a renewal for the .5-mill floodwall levy.

As you can see, even though this election doesn’t hold the excitement of last year’s presidential contest, the decisions made this Tuesday will have an impact on your pockebook and have a direct influence on your life.

Don’t let the lack of drama keep you from heading to the polls, there are still many important decisions to be made.


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