A story that warms the heart

“Charity begins at home” is an often repeated saying, but at least one local law enforcement officer and several businesses have taken its meaning to heart,

St. Clair Township K-9 officer Chris Davis this past week responded to a disabled vehicle call on state Route 11, something he probably does frequently.

But this was no ordinary call and Davis’ response to it was certainly not ordinary either. The operator of this disabled vehicle was an elderly woman. When she learned her vehicle needed to be towed and needed a new tire, she told Officer Davis she had no money because her Social Security benefit check had not yet arrived.

Instead of just having the vehicle towed and letting the driver worry about how she would deal with it, Davis offered to pay her towing bill and tire replacement.

This was a grand gesture on the part of this police officer, but the generosity did not stop there, it set in motion even more charitable acts on behalf of this woman. Calcutta Towing owner Kenny Delposen stepped up first and waived the cost of towing her car to Total Tire in Glenmoor. At Total Tire, employees took it a step further by giving the woman a new tire at no cost.

All of this started with a kind-hearted policeman, who proved once again that his profession is not always the “bad guy” and that public service is their primary goal.

These two generous businesses are also prime examples of why it pays to shop locally: They are always there to support the community in one way or another.

So the next time you consider taking your business out of town to patronize a big retailer, stop and ask yourself, how would that large company respond if I have a personal problem and need special consideration? And the next time you hear someone maligning police officers, tell them the story of Officer Chris Davis and how he rescued a woman in distress.


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